That Should Be Me (Highschool open rp)

Darek sighed picking at the lumpy mashed potatoes and strange unknown substance of food from the school cafeteria. He sat lonely at a cafe table. He pulled his beanie a bit. He fixed his shirt a bit. He was peeking at a couple. Well not the couple. It was that one person that always sent his heart a flutter. But of course they were in with the populars. No mind for the art dork that sits alone at lunch. He watched the persons chair being pulled out for (him/her). He huffed. That person had known him since pre-school. They were best friends until around middle school. They broke it off. That’s when Dareks feelings began to show.

He looked down at the tray and grimaced. He stood and threw it away, walking outside to the courtyard, sketchbook in hand.
He sat at an empty table and began to draw. It distracted him from the world. It made him feel much better. He suddenly felt something hit his back and he groaned. Meatloaf again. He turned to see the one person he cared for laughing at him. He was frozen there. Astonished and angry.